File MIES_Structures.ipf

All non-static structures together with their initialization routines are defined here.


variable InitPulseAverageSettings(PulseAverageSettings *pa)
variable InitFormulaProperties(FormulaProperties *fp)
variable InitOOdDAQParams(OOdDAQParams *params, WaveRefWave stimSets, wave setColumns, variable preFeatureTime, variable postFeatureTime)
variable InitDeltaControlNames(DeltaControlNames *s)
variable InitRectD(RectD *s)
variable InitBufferedDrawInfo(BufferedDrawInfo *s)

initializes a BufferedDrawInfo structure The json path for AppendTracesToGraph and Labels is set empty by default

variable NWB_ASYNC_SerializeStruct(NWBAsyncParameters *s, dfref threadDFR)
std::tuple<NWBAsyncParameters> NWB_ASYNC_DeserializeStruct(dfref threadDFR)
struct BackgroundStruct

Public Members

WMBackgroundStruct wmbs
int32 count

Number of invocations of background function.

int32 threadDeadCount

DAQ/TP-MD with ITC hardware only: Number of successive tries to get data from the thread.

variable tickslastReceivedFifoPos

DAQ-MD with ITC hardware only: ticks count when the fifo position was last updated.

variable lastReceivedFifoPos

DAQ-MD with ITC hardware only: last received fifo position.

struct PostPlotSettings

Trace averaging settings

variable averageTraces
DFREF averageDataFolder

Time alignment settings

variable timeAlignment
variable timeAlignMode
string timeAlignRefTrace
variable timeAlignLevel

Public Members

variable hideSweep
variable zeroTraces

Zero traces settings.

variable visualizeEpochs
PulseAverageSettings pulseAverSett
struct PulseAverageSettings

Time alignment settings

variable startingPulse

These settings influence the extracted single pulse waves, see also PA_GenerateAllPulseWaves().

variable endingPulse
variable overridePulseLength
variable fixedPulseLength

Public Members

variable showIndividualPulses
variable showAverage
variable regionSlider
variable multipleGraphs
variable zeroPulses
variable autoTimeAlignment
variable enabled
variable hideFailedPulses
variable searchFailedPulses
variable failedPulsesLevel
variable failedNumberOfSpikes
variable yScaleBarLength
variable showImages
variable showTraces
variable drawXZeroLine
variable pulseSortOrder
string imageColorScale
PulseAverageDeconvSettings deconvolution
struct PulseAverageDeconvSettings

Public Members

variable enable
variable smth
variable tau
variable range
struct PulseAverageSetIndices

Public Members

WaveRefWave setIndices
WaveRefWave setIndicesUnsorted
WaveRefWave setWaves2Unsorted
WAVE properties
WaveRefWave propertiesWaves
WaveRefWave axesNames
WAVE ovlTracesAvg
WAVE ovlTracesDeconv
WAVE imageAvgDataPresent
WAVE imageDeconvDataPresent
DFREF pulseAverageHelperDFR
DFREF pulseAverageDFR
WAVE channels
WAVE regions
WAVE numEntries
WAVE startEntry
WAVE indexHelper
struct TiledGraphSettings

Parameter to CreateTiledChannelGraph.

Public Members

int16 displayDAC
int16 displayADC
int16 displayTTL
int16 splitTTLBits
int16 overlaySweep
int16 overlayChannels
int16 dDAQDisplayMode
int16 dDAQHeadstageRegions
int16 hideSweep
int16 visualizeEpochs
struct FormulaProperties

Helper structure for formula parsing of the Wavebuilder combine epoch.

Public Members

string formula
string stimsetList
variable numRows
variable numCols
struct WaveLocationMod

Helper structure for UpgradeWaveLocationAndGetIt()

Public Members


former location of the wave


new location of the wave (can be invalid)

string name

former name of the wave

string newName

new name of the wave (can be null/empty)

struct OOdDAQParams

Helper structure for Optimized overlap distributed acquisition (oodDAQ) functions.


WaveRefWave stimSets

Wave ref wave with different stimsets.

WAVE setColumns

Set (aka column) to use for each stimset.

variable preFeaturePoints

Time in points which should be kept signal-free before features.

variable postFeaturePoints

Time in points which should be kept signal-free after features.


WAVE offsets

Result of the optimization in points.

WaveText regions

the smeared regions in units of time of the DAQDataWave.

List of the form begin-end;... which denotes the x-coordinates of

struct AnalysisFunction_V3

The structure passed into V3 and later analysis functions.

Public Members

variable eventType


WaveRefWave scaledDACWave

scaled and undecimated data from the DAC hardware, wave ref wave where each element is a channel wave. Channels are in the same order as the config wave rows.

variable headStage

active headstage index, [0, NUM_HEADSTAGES[

variable sweepNo

Potential future number of the sweep. Once the sweep is finished it will be saved with this number. Use GetSweepWave() to query the sweep itself.

variable sweepsInSet

Number of sweeps in the currently acquired stimset of the passed headstage.

string params

Analysis function parameters set in the stimset’s textual parameter wave. Settable via AFH_AddAnalysisParameter().

variable lastValidRowIndexDA

last valid row index for DA channels in rawDAQWave which will be filled with data at the end of DAQ. If the acquisition was aborted, the remaining samples beyond lastValidRowIndexDA are NaN. The total number of rows in rawDAQWave might be higher due to alignment requirements of the data acquisition hardware (e.g. ITC).

Always NaN for PRE_DAQ_EVENT/PRE_SET_EVENT events.

variable lastValidRowIndexAD

last valid row index for AD/TTL channels in rawDAQWave which will be filled with data at the end of DAQ. The total number of rows in rawDAQWave might be higher due to alignment requirements of the data acquisition hardware (e.g. ITC).

Always NaN for PRE_DAQ_EVENT/PRE_SET_EVENT events.

variable lastKnownRowIndexDA

last written row index in rawDAQWave/scaledDACWaves DA channel(s) with already acquired data


variable lastKnownRowIndexAD

last written row index in rawDAQWave/scaledDACWaves AD/TTL channel(s) with already acquired data


variable sampleIntervalDA

sample interval of DA channel(s) in ms

variable sampleIntervalAD

sample interval of AD channel(s) in ms

struct DeltaControlNames

Helper structure for WB_GetDeltaDimLabel()

Public Members

string main
string delta
string dme
string op
string ldelta
struct TPAnalysisInput

Helper structure for TP data transfer to analysis.

Public Members

WAVE data
variable clampAmp
variable clampMode
variable duration
variable baselineFrac
variable tpLengthPoints
variable readTimeStamp
variable hsIndex
string device
variable measurementMarker
variable activeADCs
struct RectD

Helper structure for GetPlotArea()

Public Members

double top
double left
double bottom
double right
struct HardwareDataTPInput

Helper structure for CA_HardwareDataTPKey()

Public Members

variable hardwareType
variable numDACs
variable numActiveChannels
variable numberOfRows
variable samplingInterval
WAVE gains
variable testPulseLength
variable baselineFrac
struct BufferedDrawInfo

Stores information for buffered draw jsonID - stores information about traces and labels to draw/setup traceWaves - wave ref wave with references to the trace waves (which are always non-free)

Public Members

variable jsonID
WaveRefWave traceWaves
struct ChirpBoundsInfo

Helper strucuture for PSQ_CR_DetermineBoundsState()

Public Members

variable minimumFac
variable centerFac
variable maximumFac
string state
struct NWBAsyncParameters

Helper structure for the ASYNC NWB writing during DAQ.

Public Members

string device
string userComment
string nwbFilePath
variable sweep
variable compressionMode
variable session_start_time
variable locationID
variable nwbVersion
WAVE DAQConfigWave
WAVE numericalValues
WaveText numericalKeys
WaveText textualValues
WaveText textualKeys
WAVE numericalResultsValues
WaveText numericalResultsKeys
WaveText textualResultsValues
WaveText textualResultsKeys
struct DataConfigurationResult

Structure to hold the result of data configuration from DC_GetConfiguration()

Unnamed Group

variable globalTPInsert

Various GUI settings

variable scalingZero
variable indexingLocked
variable indexing
variable distributedDAQ
variable distributedDAQOptOv
variable distributedDAQOptPre
variable distributedDAQOptPost
variable multiDevice
variable powerSpectrum
WAVE statusHS

Various delays in points of the DA data wave

variable onsetDelayUser
variable onsetDelayAuto
variable onsetDelay

Sum of onsetDelayUser and onsetDelayAuto.

variable distributedDAQDelay
variable terminationDelay

Unnamed Group

WAVE offsets


oodDAQ optimization results, see OOdDAQParams_Output

WaveText regions

Unnamed Group


List of active channels per type


Unnamed Group

WaveDouble DACAmp

All waves here use active channel indexing like DataConfigurationResult::DACList and can thus be all indexed together.

WaveText setName

Stimulus set name.

WaveText TTLsetName
WaveRefWave stimSet

Stimulus set wave (2D)

WaveRefWave TTLstimSet
WaveDouble setLength

WaveDouble TTLsetLength
WaveDouble headstageDAC

Headstage of DAC if associated, NaN iff unassociated.

WaveDouble setColumn

WaveDouble TTLsetColumn
WaveDouble setCycleCount
WaveDouble TTLcycleCount

Public Members

variable dataAcqOrTP

What type of operation is done. Either DAQ(DATA_ACQUISITION_MODE) or TP(TEST_PULSE_MODE)

variable baselineFrac

See also


variable decimationFactor

variable numDACEntries

Number of DAC’s, always larger than 0.

variable numADCEntries

Number of ADC’s, always larger than 0.

variable numTTLEntries

Number of TTLs, can be zero.

variable numActiveChannels

Sum of numDACEntries/numADCEntries/numTTLEntries.

variable hardwareType

One of HardwareDACTypeConstants.

variable samplingIntervalDA

Sampling interval for DA channels in μs,.

See also


variable samplingIntervalAD

Sampling interval for AD channels in μs,.

See also


variable samplingIntervalTTL

Sampling interval for TTL channels in μs,.

See also


WAVE testPulse

See also


variable testPulseLength

Length of the DataConfigurationResult::testPulse wave in points test pulse properties from TP_GetCreationPropertiesInPoints

variable tpPulseStartPoint
variable tpPulseLengthPoints
WAVE gains

WaveDouble insertStart

Offset in points where the stimulus set starts in the DAQ data wave.

WaveDouble headstageADC

Headstage of ADC if associated, NaN iff unassociated Uses active channel indexing like DataConfigurationResult::ADCList

variable skipAhead

Number of sweeps to skip over on start of data acquisition.

variable stopCollectionPoint

Maximum number of samples that can be acquired to the data wave For ITC can be higher that planned samples to be acquired (no automatic stop, only programmatic)

variable joinedTTLStimsetSize

for ITC, TTL stimset size in DC after TTL stimsets were bit-combined to a joined wave fixing should remove the need for this

WAVE statusTTLFiltered

wave indexing GUI TTL channels, 1 - activated, 0 deactivated

struct ActiveChannels

Helper struct for storing the number of active channels per rack.

Public Members

int32 numDARack1
int32 numADRack1
int32 numTTLRack1
int32 numDARack2
int32 numADRack2
int32 numTTLRack2
struct PSQ_PulseSettings

Settings structure filled by PSQ_GetPulseSettingsForType()

Public Members

variable prePulseChunkLength
variable pulseDuration
variable postPulseChunkLength
variable usesBaselineChunkEpochs

Allows to define the baseline chunks by user epochs with shortname U_BLSd other members are ignored with this option. The baseline chunks should be added in PRE_SWEEP_CONFIG_EVENT.

struct CheckParametersStruct

Public Members

string params
string setName
struct SF_PlotMetaData

Helper struct for data gathered by SF formula plotter in SF_GatherFormulaResults.

Public Members

string dataType
string opStack
string argSetupStack
string xAxisLabel
string yAxisLabel