File MIES_Indexing.ipf

IDX Indexing related functionality


variable IDX_StoreStartFinishForIndexing(string device)
variable IDX_ResetStartFinishForIndexing(string device)

Resets the selected set popupmenus stored by IDX_StoreStartFinishForIndexing.

static variable IDX_IndexingDoIt(string device)

Locked indexing, indexes all active channels at once.

static variable IDX_IndexSingleChannel(string device, variable channelType, variable channel)

Indexes a single channel - used when indexing is unlocked.

Callers need to call DAP_UpdateDAQControls() with REASON_STIMSET_CHANGE_DUR_DAQ.

variable IDX_MaxSweepsLockedIndexing(string device)

Sum of the largest sets for each indexing step.

static variable IDX_StepsInSetWithMaxSweeps(string device, variable IndexNo, variable channelType)

Return the number of steps in the largest set for a particular index number.

static std::tuple<variable, variable> IDX_GetCurrentSets(string device, variable channelType, variable channelNumber)

Return the 0-based popup menu indizes of the current WAVE/INDEX_END stimsets.

static variable IDX_MaxSets(string device, variable channelType)

Return the number of sets on the active channel with the most sets.

variable IDX_MaxNoOfSweeps(string device, variable IndexOverRide)

determine the max number of sweeps in the largest start set on active (checked) DA or TTL channels works for unlocked (independent) indexing

  • device – device

  • IndexOverRide – index override is the same as indexing off. some Functions that call this function only want the max number of steps in the start (active) set, when indexing is on. 1 = over ride ON

variable IDX_MinNoOfSweeps(string device)

Returns the number of sweeps in the stimulus set with the smallest number of sweeps (across all active stimulus sets).


device – device

wave IDX_GetSetsInRange(string device, variable channel, variable channelType, variable lockedIndexing)

Returns a 1D textwave of selected set names.

Constants are defined at ChannelTypeAndControlConstants

  • device – panel

  • channel – channel


  • lockedIndexing – defaults to false, true returns just the DAC/TTL setname

static variable IDX_NumberOfSweepsAcrossSets(string device, variable channel, variable channelType, variable lockedIndexing)

Determine the number of sweeps for a DA or TTL channel.

variable IDX_NumberOfSweepsInSet(string setName)

Return the number of sweeps.

static variable IDX_ApplyUnLockedIndexing(string device, variable count)
static variable IDX_TotalIndexingListSteps(string device, variable channelNumber, variable channelType)
variable IDX_UnlockedIndexingStepNo(string device, variable channelNumber, variable channelType, variable count)
static variable IDX_DetIfCountIsAtSetBorder(string device, variable count, variable channelNumber, variable channelType)
variable IDX_CalculcateActiveSetCount(string device)

Calculate the active set count.

static wave IDX_GetStimsets(string device, variable channelIdx, variable channelType)

Extract the list of stimsets from the control user data.

static string IDX_GetSingleStimset(WaveText listWave, variable idx, variable allowNone = defaultValue)

Return the stimset from the list of stimsets returned by IDX_GetStimsets()

  • listWave – list of stim sets returned by IDX_GetStimsets()

  • idx – 0-based index

  • allowNone – [optional, defaults to false] Return the NONE stimset for idx 0. Not allowed during DAQ.

variable IDX_HandleIndexing(string device)