File MIES_RepeatedAcquisition.ipf

comment in to enable repeated acquisition performance measurement code

RA Repated acquisition functionality


static variable RA_RecalculateITI(string device)

Recalculate the Inter trial interval (ITI) for the given device.

static variable RA_HandleITI_MD(string device)
static variable RA_WaitUntiIITIDone(string device, variable elapsedTime)
static variable RA_HandleITI(string device)
static variable RA_GetTotalNumberOfSweeps(string device)

Calculate the total number of sweeps for repeated acquisition.

variable RA_StepSweepsRemaining(string device)

Update the “Sweeps remaining” control.

static variable RA_Start(string device)

Function gets called after the first sweep is already acquired and if repeated acquisition is on.

variable RA_Counter(string device)
static variable RA_FinishAcquisition(string device)
static variable RA_BckgTPwithCallToRACounter(string device)
static variable RA_StartMD(string device)
variable RA_CounterMD(string device)
static variable RA_BckgTPwithCallToRACounterMD(string device)
variable RA_IsFirstSweep(string device)

Return one if we are acquiring currently the very first sweep of a possible repeated acquisition cycle. Zero means that we acquire a later sweep than the first one in a repeated acquisition cycle.

variable RA_SkipSweeps(string device, variable skipCount, variable source, variable limitToSetBorder = defaultValue)

Allows skipping forward or backwards the sweep count during data acquistion.

  • device – device

  • skipCount – The number of sweeps to skip (forward or backwards) during repeated acquisition

  • source – One of SkipSweepOptions

  • limitToSetBorder – [optional, defaults to false] Limits skipCount so that we don’t skip further than after the last sweep of the stimset with the most number of sweeps.

static variable RA_DocumentSweepSkipping(string device, variable skipCount, variable source)

Document the number of skipped sweeps.

static variable RA_SkipSweepCalc(string device, variable skipCount)

Returns valid count after adding skipCount.

  • device – device

  • skipCount – The number of sweeps to skip (forward or backwards) during repeated acquisition.

static variable RA_PerfInitialize(string device)
static variable RA_PerfAddMark(string device, variable idx)
static variable RA_PerfFinish(string device)
variable RA_ContinueOrStop(string device, variable multiDevice = defaultValue)

Continue DAQ if requested or stop it.

  • device – device

  • multiDevice – [optional, defaults to false] DAQ mode