File MIES_Include.ipf

Main include.

Developer instructions for raising the required nightly versions:

  • Update the revision numbers for IP9 below in the expression involving BUILD, and also CI_IGOR_REVISION in .github/workflows/test-igor-workflow.yml

  • Upload the nightly zip packages to the FTP (Thomas’ job). Don’t delete the old zip packages, we still need them.

  • Update the below URLs

  • Update Igor Pro on the CI boxes (Thomas’ job).

  • Remove old workarounds marked with @todo




void OpenPanelWithDocumentationLink()
variable ButtonProc_OpenMiesDocuUpdateNightly(WMButtonAction *ba)
static string GetDownloadLink()
static string GetFileNameFromURL(string url)
static string GetDestinationIgorPath()
variable ButtonProc_DownloadNightly(WMButtonAction *ba)
static variable AfterCompiledHook()