File MIES_DataAcquisition_Single.ipf

DQS Routines for Single Device Data acquisition


variable DQS_StartDAQSingleDevice(string device, variable useBackground = defaultValue)

Start data acquisition using single device mode.

This is the high level function usable for all external users.

  • device – device

  • useBackground – [optional, defaults to background checkbox setting in the DA_Ephys panel]

variable DQS_DataAcq(string device)
variable DQS_BkrdDataAcq(string device)

Fifo monitor for DAQ Single Device.

static variable DQS_StopDataAcq(string device, variable stopReason, variable forcedStop = defaultValue)

Stop single device data acquisition.

variable DQS_StartBackgroundFifoMonitor()
variable DQS_FIFOMonitor(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Fifo monitor for DAQ Single Device.

variable DQS_StopBackgroundFifoMonitor()
variable DQS_StartBackgroundTimer(string device, variable runTime, string funcList)

Start the background timer for the inter trial interval (ITI)

  • device – device

  • runTime – left over time to wait in seconds

  • funcList – list of functions to execute at the end of the ITI

variable DQS_StopBackgroundTimer()

Stop the background timer used for ITI tracking.

variable DQS_Timer(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Keep track of time during ITI.