File MIES_TestPulse_Multi.ipf

TPM Multi device background test pulse functionality


variable TPM_StartTPMultiDeviceLow(string device, variable runModifier = defaultValue, variable fast = defaultValue)

Start the test pulse when MD support is activated.

variable TPM_StartTestPulseMultiDevice(string device, variable fast = defaultValue)

Start a multi device test pulse, always done in background mode.

static variable TPM_BkrdTPMD(string device)
variable TPM_BkrdTPFuncMD(BackgroundStruct *s)

Background TP Multi Device.

variable TPM_StopTestPulseMultiDevice(string device, variable fast = defaultValue)
static variable TPM_HasActiveDevices()
static variable TPM_RemoveDevice(string device)
static variable TPM_AddDevice(string device)


static const double TPM_NI_TASKTIMEOUT = 0.5

After this time in s the background task reading data from the ADC device.

will not read multiple TP data sets subsequently to keep up if late

it will however still update once per device

so the gui thread can update at least every ~0.5 seconds (default value here)

however the fifo may run full if the timeout is hit too often

static const double TPM_NI_FIFO_THRESHOLD_SIZE = 1073741824