File MIES_InputDialog.ipf

ID Input dialog handling for numeric entries


variable ID_AskUserForSettings(variable mode, string title, wave data, wave mock)

Shows a dialog and queries numeric values from the user.

We currently ask for NUM_HEADSTAGES headstage dependent entries and one independent value when mode = ID_HEADSTAGE_SETTINGS. All values must be numeric. For ID_POPUPMENU_SETTINGS the row dimension labels of data fill the popup menu, and on return data will have a 1 at the selected entry.

  • mode – One of AskUserSettingsModeFlag

  • title – dialog title

  • data – 1D numeric wave, which must be permanent and in an otherwise empty folder

  • mock – This is mock data for testing which is written into data when GetInteractiveMode() is false


0 on success, 1 if the user cancelled the dialog

static variable ID_SetTitle(string win, string title)
static string ID_GetControl(variable index)
static dfref ID_GetFolder(string win)
static wave ID_GetWave(string win)
variable ID_ButtonProc(WMButtonAction *ba)
variable ID_SetVarProc(WMSetVariableAction *sva)
variable ID_PopMenuProc(WMPopupAction *pa)
string ID_GetPopupEntries()