File MIES_DataBrowser.ipf

DB Panel for browsing acquired data during acquisition


string DB_OpenDataBrowser(variable mode = defaultValue)
variable DB_ResetAndStoreCurrentDBPanel()

Utility function to generate new window recreation macro of DataBrowser (also used for SweepBrowser) after GUI editor adapted controls in development process.

string DB_GetMainGraph(string win)
string DB_ClearAllGraphs()
static string DB_LockToDevice(string win, string device)
static variable DB_SetUserData(string win, string device)
wave DB_GetPlainSweepList(string win)
variable DB_UpdateLastSweepControls(string win, variable first, variable last)
variable DB_UpdateSweepPlot(string win)

Update the sweep plotting facility.

Only outside callers are generic external panels which must update the graph.


win – locked databrowser

wave DB_GetLBNWave(string win, variable type)

Return the labnotebook waves.

The databrowser only knows about one experiment/device at a time so we don’t need to specify what we return further.

variable DB_UpdateToLastSweep(string databrowser, variable force = defaultValue)

Update the databrowser to the last sweep.

force is off by default and in this case respects the autoupdate checkbox setting.

static variable DB_UpdateToLastSweepWrapper(string win, variable force)
variable DB_PopMenuProc_LockDBtoDevice(WMPopupAction *pa)
variable DB_SetVarProc_SweepNo(WMSetVariableAction *sva)
string DB_GetAllDevicesWithData()
variable DB_AddSweepToGraph(string win, variable index, BufferedDrawInfo *bdi = defaultValue)

Adds traces of a sweep to the databrowser graph.

  • win – Name of the DataBrowser

  • index – Index of the sweep

  • bdi – [optional, default = n/a] BufferedDrawInfo structure, when given buffered draw is used.

variable DB_SplitSweepsIfReq(string win, variable sweepNo)

Split sweeps to single sweep waves if required.

  • win – Databrowser window name

  • sweepNo – Number of sweep to split


1 on error, 0 on success

string DB_FindDataBrowser(string device, variable mode = defaultValue)

Find a Databrowser which is locked to the given DAEphys panel.

wave DB_FindAllDataBrowser(string device, variable mode = defaultValue)

Find all Databrowser which are locked to the given DAEphys panel.

string DB_GetBoundDataBrowser(string device, variable mode = defaultValue)

Returns a databrowser bound to the given device

Creates a new one, if none is found nor bound.

variable DB_SFHelpJumpToLine(string str)

Jumps in the SweepFormula help notebook of the current data/sweepbrowser to the first location of the search string from the notebook start. Used for scrolling to operation help.

The convention is that the headlines of the operation description in the sweepformula help notebook is operation - <operationName>


str[in] characters to find, use “” to jump to the notebook start


0 if help for operation was found, 1 in case of error