File MIES_LogbookViewer.ipf

LBV Panel for browsing the labnotebook and TPStorage waves


string LBV_GetSettingsHistoryPanel(string win)
string LBV_GetLabNoteBookGraph(string win)
string LBV_GetDescriptionNotebook(string win)
static wave LBV_PopupExtFormatEntries(WaveTextOrNull entries)
wave LBV_PopupExtGetTPStorageKeys(string win)

Returns the list of TPStorage keys.

wave LBV_PopupExtGetLBKeys(string win)

Returns the list of LNB keys for the settings history window menu.

wave LBV_PopupExtGetResultsKeys(string win)

Returns the list of results keys for the settings history window menu.

wave LBV_GetAllLogbookParamNames(WaveTextOrNull textualValues, WaveTextOrNull numericalValues)

Returns the combined parameter names (non-empty) from the numerical and textual MD key loogbook waves as 1D text wave.

static wave LBV_GetAllLogbookParamNames_NoCache(WaveTextOrNull textualValues, WaveTextOrNull numericalValues)
static wave LBV_CleanLogbookParamNames(WaveTextOrNull names)
wave LBV_GetTPStorageEntries(dfref dfr)

Return a text wave with all entries from all TPStorage waves which are candidates for plotting.

static dfref LBV_GetTPStorageLocation(string win)

Return the datafolder reference where TPStorage waves can be found.

variable LBV_ButtonProc_ClearGraph(WMButtonAction *ba)
variable LBV_ButtonProc_SwitchXAxis(WMButtonAction *ba)
variable LBV_PopMenuProc_LabNotebookAndResults(WMPopupAction *pa)
std::tuple<WAVE, WAVE> LBV_GetLogbookWavesForEntry(string win, string key)

Return the keys/values logbook pair for the given key.


valid waves or null if it can not be found.

variable LBV_PopMenuProc_TPStorage(WMPopupAction *pa)
string LBV_GetExperiments(string win)
string LBV_GetAllDevicesForExperiment(string win)
variable LBV_ClearGraph(string win)
static variable LBV_UpdateLBGraphLegend(string graph, string traceList = defaultValue)

Update the legend in the labnotebook graph.

Passing traceList is required if you just added traces to the graph as these can not be immediately queried using TraceNameList as that would require an DoUpdate call before.

Assumes that the traceList displays information from the labnotebook. All entries with indizes equal or higher than NUM_HEADSTAGES will be labeled as all denoting that the information is headstage independent and therefore valid for all headstages.

  • graph – name of the graph

  • traceList – list of traces in the graph

static wave LBV_GetTraceUserDataNames()
static string LBV_MakeTraceNameUnique(string graph, string trace)
static variable LBV_AddTraceToLBGraph(string graph, wave keys, wave values, string key)

Add a trace to the labnotebook graph.

  • graph – name of the graph

  • keys – labnotebook keys wave (numerical or text)

  • values – labnotebook values wave (numerical or text)

  • key – name of the key to add

variable LBV_Update(string win)
variable LBV_UpdateTagsForTextualLBNEntries(string win, variable sweepNo)
static variable LBV_AddTraceToLBGraphTPStorage(string graph, dfref dfr, string key, variable isTimeAxis = defaultValue)
static std::tuple<WaveTextOrNull, string, string, variable> LBV_GetPropertiesForLabnotebookEntry(WaveText keys, string key)
static std::tuple<WaveText, string> LBV_GenerateTraceNames(string name, variable count)
static variable LBV_AddTagsForTextualLBNEntries(string graph, WaveText keys, WaveText values, string key, variable firstSweep = defaultValue)
static variable LBV_SwitchLBGraphXAxis(string graph)

Switch the labnotebook graph x axis type (time <-> sweep numbers)

static variable LBV_CheckIfXAxisIsTime(string graph, variable logbookType = defaultValue)

Check if the x wave belonging to the first trace in the graph has a date/time scale.

static variable LBV_SetLabNotebookBottomLabel(string graph, variable isTimeAxis)

Set the appropriate label for the bottom axis of the graph created by CreateTiledChannelGraph.

Assumes that wave data units are equal for all traces

variable LBV_SelectExperimentAndDevice(string win)
static string LBV_FormatDescription(WaveTextOrNull keys, string name)
variable LBV_EntryDescription(WMWinHookStruct *s)
variable LBV_PlotAllAnalysisFunctionLBNKeys(string browser, variable anaFuncType)
static variable LBV_LimitXRangeToSelected(string browser)

Limit the bottom axis of the settings history graph to the selected/displayed sweeps.

variable LBV_CheckProc_XRangeSelected(WMCheckboxAction *cba)


static const string LABNOTEBOOK_BOTTOM_AXIS_DELTA_TIME = "Relative time [s]"
static const string LABNOTEBOOK_BOTTOM_AXIS_TIME = "Timestamp (a. u.)"
static const string LABNOTEBOOK_BOTTOM_AXIS_SWEEP = "Sweep Number (a. u.)"
static const string LBV_UD_VALUES_WAVE = "values"
static const string LBV_UD_KEYS_WAVE = "keys"
static const string LBV_UD_HEADSTAGE = "headstage"
static const string LBV_UD_KEY = "key"
static const string LBV_UD_ISTEXT = "text"
static const string LBV_UD_YAXIS = "yaxis"