File MIES_IgorHooks.ipf

IH Various hooks which influence the behaviour at certain global events


static variable IH_KillTemporaries()

Remove all strings/variables/waves which should not survive experiment reload/quit/saving.

Mainly useful for temporaries which you want to recreate on initialization

variable IH_RemoveAmplifierConnWaves()

Remove the amplifier connection waves.

static variable IH_KillStimSets()

Delete all wavebuilder stim sets to save memory.

static variable IH_SerializeSettings()

Write the current JSON settings to disc.

We also invalidate the stored json ID, so that on the next access it is read again.

static variable BeforeExperimentSaveHook(variable rN, string fileName, string path, string type, string creator, variable kind)
static variable IH_Cleanup()

Cleanup before closing or starting a new experiment.

Takes care of unlocking the hardware, removing any data which is stale on reload anyway (amplifier connection details) and removes temporary waves.

static variable IgorBeforeQuitHook(variable unsavedExp, variable unsavedNotebooks, variable unsavedProcedures)
static variable IgorQuitHook(string igorApplicationNameStr)
static variable IgorBeforeNewHook(string igorApplicationNameStr)

Called before a new experiment is opened, in response to the New Experiment, Revert Experiment, or Open Experiment menu items in the File menu.

static variable IgorStartOrNewHook(string igorApplicationNameStr)

Called when Igor is first launched and then whenever a new experiment is being created.

static variable BeforeUncompiledHook(variable changeCode, string procedureWindowTitleStr, string textChangeStr)
static variable AfterCompiledHook()
variable IH_ResetScaling(WMWinHookStruct *s)