File MIES_TestPulse_Single.ipf

TPS Single device background test pulse functionality


variable TPS_StartBackgroundTestPulse(string device)
variable TPS_StopTestPulseSingleDevice(string device, variable fast = defaultValue)
variable TPS_TestPulseFunc(BackgroundStruct *s)

Background TP Single Device.

variable TPS_StartTestPulseSingleDevice(string device, variable fast = defaultValue)

Start a single device test pulse, either in background or in foreground mode depending on the settings.

  • device – device

  • fast – [optional, defaults to false] Starts TP without any checks or setup. Can be called after stopping it with TP_StopTestPulseFast().

variable TPS_StartTestPulseForeground(string device, variable elapsedTime = defaultValue)

Start the single device foreground test pulse.

  • device – device

  • elapsedTime – [defaults to infinity] allow to run the testpulse for the given amount of seconds only.


zero if time elapsed, one if the Testpulse was manually stopped