File MIES_Menu.ipf

MEN Definition of the menu items


variable MEN_CloseMies()
variable MEN_OpenAboutDialog()
variable MEN_OpenBackgroundWatcherPanel()
variable MEN_CreateIssueOnGithub()

Custom notebook action for the “About MIES” dialog.

Opens a prefilled new issue on github.

variable MEN_ClearPackageSettings()
variable MEN_OpenPackageSettingsAsNotebook()
string MEN_GetUserPingMenuString()
static variable MEN_OpenLogFile(string path, string name)

Generic routine for displaying a logfile in a notebook.

  • path – full path to the file on disc

  • name – notebook name

variable MEN_OpenMIESLogFile()
variable MEN_OpenZeroMQXOPLogFile()
variable MEN_OpenITCXOP2LogFile()
variable MEN_DownloadStimsets()