File MIES_CheckInstallation.ipf

CHI Routines for checking the health of the MIES installation


static variable CHI_InitInstallationState(CHI_InstallationState *state)
static variable CHI_CheckJSONXOPVersion(CHI_InstallationState *state)
static variable CHI_CheckTUFXOPVersion(CHI_InstallationState *state)
static variable CHI_OutputVersionCheckResult(CHI_InstallationState *state, string xopName, string expectedVersion, string foundVersion)
static variable CHI_CheckITCXOPVersion(CHI_InstallationState *state)
static variable CHI_CheckXOP(string *list, string *item, string *name, CHI_InstallationState *state, string expectedHash = defaultValue)

Search list for matches of item and print the results.

variable CHI_CheckInstallation()

Check the installation and print the results to the history.

Currently checks that all expected/optional XOPs are installed.


number of errors


static const string CHI_NIDAQ_XOP_64_HASH = "92427feeec9d330d410452b15ff1b6da90fe8e2dd0b8362cd711358c8726706a"
static const string CHI_NIDAQ_XOP_HASH = "ed7f5bc51553608bcf7850b06d472dc739952a32939c1b196b80d131a87f2527"
static const string CHI_JSON_XOP_VERSION = "version-882-gad839a0"
static const string CHI_TUF_XOP_VERSION = "version-163-g686effb"
static const string CHI_ITC_XOP_VERSION = "latest-170-g1dfb5c5"
struct CHI_InstallationState

Collection of counters used for installation checking.

Public Members

variable numErrors
variable numTries