File MIES_DataAcquisition.ipf

DQ Routines for Data acquisition


variable DQ_StopOngoingDAQAllLocked(variable stopReason)

Stop DAQ and TP on all locked devices.

variable DQ_StopOngoingDAQ(string device, variable stopReason, variable startTPAfterDAQ = defaultValue)

Stop the DAQ and testpulse.

Works with single/multi device mode

  • device – device

  • stopReason – One of DAQStoppingFlags

  • startTPAfterDAQ – [optional, defaults to true] start “TP after DAQ” if enabled

variable DQ_StartDAQDeviceTimer(string device)

Start the per-device timer used for the ITI (inter trial interval)

This function and DQ_StopDAQDeviceTimer are used to correct the ITI for the time it took to collect data, and pre and post processing of data. It allows for a real time, start to start, ITI

variable DQ_StopDAQDeviceTimer(string device)

Stop the per-device timer associated with a particular device.


time in seconds

variable DQ_StopDAQ(string device, variable stopReason, variable startTPAfterDAQ = defaultValue)

Stop any running background DAQ.

Assumes that single device and multi device do not run at the same time.


One of DAQRunModes

variable DQ_RestartDAQ(string device, variable dataAcqRunMode)
variable DQ_ApplyAutoBias(string device, wave TPResults)

Handle automatic bias current injection.

  • device – Locked panel with test pulse running occasionally

  • TPResults – Data from TP_ROAnalysis()

variable DQ_GetNumDevicesWithDAQRunning()

Return the number of devices which have DAQ running.