File MIES_BackgroundWatchdog.ipf

BW Panel for inspecting the state of the MIES DAQ/TP background functions

namespace BkgWatcher


static variable ASSERT(variable var, string errorMsg)
static variable SetValDisplay(string win, string control, variable var = defaultValue, string str = defaultValue, string format = defaultValue)
static string GetValDisplayAsString(string win, string control)
static variable IsBackgroundTaskRunning(string task)
variable BW_StartPanel()
variable BW_CreatePanel()
variable BW_StartTask()
variable BW_StopTask()
variable BW_PanelUpdate()
variable BW_BackgroundWatchdog(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Helper background task for debugging.

variable BW_ButtonProc_ShowTask(WMButtonAction *ba)
variable BW_ButtonProc_QuitTask(WMButtonAction *ba)
variable BW_WindowHook(WMWinHookStruct *s)
variable BW_ButtonProc_StartTask(WMButtonAction *ba)
variable BW_ButtonProc_StopTask(WMButtonAction *ba)


static const string PANEL = "BW_MiesBackgroundWatchPanel"
static const string TASK = "BW_BackgroundWatchdog"
static const string CONTROL_PREFIX = "bckrdw"
static const double INVALIDATE_STATE = -1
static const double XGRID = 20
static const double XOFFS = 240
static const double YGRID = 20
static const double CONTROL_TYPE_VALDISPLAY = 4