File MIES_DataAcquisition_Multi.ipf

DQM Routines for Multi Device Data acquisition


variable DQM_FIFOMonitor(BackgroundStruct *s)

Fifo monitor for DAQ Multi Device.

variable DQM_TerminateOngoingDAQHelper(string device)

Stop ongoing multi device DAQ.

variable DQM_StartDAQMultiDevice(string device, variable initialSetupReq = defaultValue)

Handles function calls for data acquistion.

Handles the calls to the data configurator (DC) functions and BackgroundMD it is required because of the special handling syncronous ITC1600s require

  • device – device

  • initialSetupReq – [optional, defaults to true] performs initialization routines at the very beginning of DAQ, turn off for RA

variable DQM_StartBackgroundTimer(string device, variable runTime, string funcList)

Start the background timer for the inter trial interval (ITI)

Multi device variant

  • device – device

  • runTime – left over time to wait in seconds

  • funcList – list of functions to execute at the end of the ITI

variable DQM_StopBackgroundTimer(string device)

Stop the background timer used for ITI tracking.

variable DQM_Timer(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Background function for tracking ITI.

static variable DQM_StartBckrdFIFOMonitor()
static variable DQM_StopDataAcq(string device, variable deviceID)
static variable DQM_BkrdDataAcq(string device, variable triggerMode = defaultValue)
static variable DQM_RemoveDevice(string device, variable deviceID)

Removes a device from the ActiveDeviceList.

  • device – panel title

  • deviceID – id of the device to be removed

variable DQM_GetActiveDeviceRow(variable deviceID)

Return the row into ActiveDeviceList for the given deviceID.

static variable DQM_AddDevice(string device)

Adds a device to the ActiveDeviceList.


device – panel title

static variable DQM_MakeOrUpdateTimerParamWave(string device, string listOfFunctions, variable startTime, variable RunTime, variable EndTime, variable addOrRemoveDevice)
static variable DQM_MakeOrUpdtDevTimerTxtWv(string device, string listOfFunctions, variable rowToRemove, variable addOrRemoveDevice)