File MIES_AnalysisBrowser_SweepBrowser_Export.ipf

SBE Panel for exporting sweepbrowser traces to new graphs or existing graphs


static variable SBE_FillExportSettings(string win, SBE_ExportSettings *sett)
string SBE_GetSelectedAxis(string graphPopup, variable axisOrientation)

Return a list of possible axes for the export panel.

static variable SBE_AddMissingADTraceInfo(WaveText traceData)

Add all available sweep data to traceData.

This function can fill in the available data for traces which are not shown.

static wave SBE_GetPulseStartTimesForSel()
variable SBE_ShowExportPanel(string sourceWindow)

Display the export panel.

string SBE_ListOfGraphsAndNew()

Return a list of possible target graphs for the export panel.

string SBE_ListOfSweepGraphs()

Return a list of possible source graphs for the export panel.

string SBE_GetSourceGraphADTraces()

Return a list of all AD traces from the selected target graph.

static variable SBE_ExportSweepBrowser(SBE_ExportSettings *sett)

Export the sweep browser traces to a user given folder.

Creates a new graph from it or appends to an existing one. Only duplicates the main graph without external subwindows

variable SBE_PopMenu_ExportTargetAxis(WMPopupAction *pa)
variable SBE_PopMenu_ExportTargetGraph(WMPopupAction *pa)
variable SBE_ButtonProc_PerformExport(WMButtonAction *ba)
variable SBE_CheckProc_UsePulseForXRange(WMCheckboxAction *cba)
variable SBE_PopMenuProc_PulsesADTrace(WMPopupAction *pa)


static const string SBE_EXPORT_PANEL = "ExportSettingsPanel"
struct SBE_ExportSettings

Public Members

string dataFolder
variable useCursorRange
variable resetWaveZero
variable manualRangeBegin
variable manualRangeEnd
string leftAxis
string bottomAxis
string targetGraph
string sourceGraph
variable axisEqualizing
variable equalYRange
variable usePulses
variable numPulses
variable preFirstPulse
variable postLastPulse
variable ADC