Struct DataConfigurationResult

struct DataConfigurationResult

Structure to hold the result of data configuration from DC_GetConfiguration()

Unnamed Group

variable globalTPInsert

Various GUI settings

variable scalingZero
variable indexingLocked
variable indexing
variable distributedDAQ
variable distributedDAQOptOv
variable distributedDAQOptPre
variable distributedDAQOptPost
variable multiDevice
variable powerSpectrum
WAVE statusHS

Various delays in points

variable onsetDelayUser
variable onsetDelayAuto
variable onsetDelay

Sum of onsetDelayUser and onsetDelayAuto.

variable distributedDAQDelay
variable terminationDelay

Unnamed Group

WAVE offsets


oodDAQ optimization results, see OOdDAQParams_Output

WaveText regions

Unnamed Group


List of active channels per type


Unnamed Group

WaveDouble DACAmp

All waves here use active channel indexing like DataConfigurationResult::DACList and can thus be all indexed together.

WaveText setName

Stimulus set name.

WaveText TTLsetName
WaveRefWave stimSet

Stimulus set wave (2D)

WaveRefWave TTLstimSet
WaveDouble setLength

WaveDouble TTLsetLength
WaveDouble headstageDAC

Headstage of DAC if associated, NaN iff unassociated.

WaveDouble setColumn

WaveDouble TTLsetColumn
WaveDouble setCycleCount
WaveDouble TTLcycleCount

Public Members

variable dataAcqOrTP

What type of operation is done. Either DAQ(DATA_ACQUISITION_MODE) or TP(TEST_PULSE_MODE)

variable baselineFrac

See also


variable decimationFactor

variable numDACEntries

Number of DAC’s, always larger than 0.

variable numADCEntries

Number of ADC’s, always larger than 0.

variable numTTLEntries

Number of TTLs, can be zero.

variable numActiveChannels

Sum of numDACEntries/numADCEntries/numTTLEntries.

variable hardwareType

One of HardwareDACTypeConstants.

variable samplingInterval

See also


WAVE testPulse

See also


variable testPulseLength

Length of the DataConfigurationResult::testPulse wave in points.

WAVE gains

WaveDouble insertStart

Offset in points where the stimulus set starts in the DAQ data wave.

WaveDouble headstageADC

Headstage of ADC if associated, NaN iff unassociated Uses active channel indexing like DataConfigurationResult::ADCList

variable skipAhead

Number of sweeps to skip over on start of data acquisition.