Struct EP_EpochCreationData

struct EP_EpochCreationData

Helper structure for data used in epoch creation.

structure variables for index based positions are prefixed: dw* - index in the data wave (e.g. DAChannel) wb* - index in the stimset wave from the wave builder

Public Members

WaveText epochWave

Epochs wave.

variable channel

GUI channel number.

variable channelType

channel type as of XopChannelConstants

variable sweep

sweep of stimset

variable decimationFactor

decimation factor from stimset to data wave

variable samplingInterval

sampling interval of data wave

variable scale

DAScale of channel.

string stimNote

stimset wave note

variable dwStimsetSize

stimset size in data wave

variable reducedStimsetSize

For DA: size of stimset wave that was decimated to the data wave the duration of that stimset can be reduced compared to the duration of the original wavebuilder stimset due to oodDAQ end cutoff, typically DimSize of the stimset in DC For TTL: same as dwStimsetSize note: While for DA the stimset size in DC can only be reduced for TTL channels it can be increased, see structure element dwJoinedTTLStimsetSize

variable dwStimsetBegin

begin of stimset in indicces of the data wave

variable wbOodDAQOffset

offset from oodDAQ shift in wavebuilder stimset wave indices

variable wbStimsetSize

size of the original wavebuilder stimset, used as reference point for flipping calculation

variable wbEffectiveStimsetSize

sum of all stimset epochs without extension from delta mechanism (multi sweep, different size)

variable dwJoinedTTLStimsetSize

for ITC TTL stimsets are joined in DC to a single 2D wave that ROWS size equals the largest single stimset. This value is the data wave length that is used to decimate the from DC modified stimset into the data wave. The stimset is decimated to the data wave until dwJoinedTTLStimsetSize - 1. The related value for DA channels is s.setLength. For DA channels: NaN

variable flipping

set to one if the stimset is flipped, zero otherwise

variable tpTotalLengthPoints

test pulse properties transferred from DataConfigurationResult structure, originally calculated by TP_GetCreationPropertiesInPoints

variable tpPulseStartPoint
variable tpPulseLengthPoints