Struct WriteChannelParams

struct WriteChannelParams

Helper structure for WriteSingleChannel()

Public Members

string device

name of the measure device, e.g. “ITC18USB_Dev_0”

string stimSet

name of the template simulus set

string channelSuffix

custom channel suffix, in case the channel number is ambiguous

string channelSuffixDesc

description of the channel suffix, will be added to the source attribute

variable samplingRate

sampling rate in Hz

variable startingTime

timestamp since Igor Pro epoch in UTC of the start of this measurement

variable sweep

running number for each measurement

variable channelType

channel type, one of IPNWBChannelTypes

variable channelNumber

running number of the channel

variable electrodeNumber

electrode identifier the channel was acquired with

string electrodeName

electrode identifier the channel was acquired with (string version)

variable clampMode

clamp mode, one of IPNWB_ClampModes

variable groupIndex

Should be filled with the result of GetNextFreeGroupIndex(locationID, path) before

WAVE data

channel data

the first call and must stay constant for all channels for this measurement. If NaN an automatic solution is provided.

WaveText epochs

epoch information (optional)