MERFISH CCF mapped coordinates#

Each section from the whole brain MERFISH dataset was registered to the Allen CCFv3 using a combination of global and section-wise mappings. The midline was manually determined for each section to rotate the section upright and center in the middle. This set of rectified images were stacked in sequential order to create an initial configuration for registration. A 3D global affine (12 dof) mapping was then performed to align the CCF into the MERFISH space. Each MERFISH section was then deformably registered to its resampled CCF target section.

Global and section-wise mappings from each of these registration steps were preserved and concatenated (with appropriate inversions) to allow point-to-point mapping between the original MERFISH coordinate space and the CCF space. See Yao et al. for further details.


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Data is being share under the CC BY NC 4.0 license.

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