The AnalysisBrowser allows browsing and loading acquired data from Igor Experiment files (pxp and uxp) and NeuroDataWithoutBorders files (NWB, v1 and v2) into one Igor Experiment. The user can also combine sweeps from multiple experiments in one SweepBrowser, see DataBrowser, inspect the labnotebook entries of these sweeps and view the TPStorage data.


AnalysisBrowser panel

Known Limitations

If the experiment file contains acquisitions from multiple devices, e.g. ITC18 and Dev1 then for NWBv1 and NWBv2 files an under certain circumstances sweeps can not be loaded. The loading attempt results in an Asssertion where multiple waves with the same name are present in the experiment file. This is related to issue 978 and issue 1710. This limitation does not apply when loading sweeps from Igor Pro experiment files (pxp).