Group BackgroundFunctions

group BackgroundFunctions


variable BW_BackgroundWatchdog(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Helper background task for debugging.

variable DQM_FIFOMonitor(BackgroundStruct *s)

Fifo monitor for DAQ Multi Device.

variable DQM_Timer(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Background function for tracking ITI.

variable DQS_BkrdDataAcq(string device)

Fifo monitor for DAQ Single Device.

variable DQS_FIFOMonitor(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Fifo monitor for DAQ Single Device.

variable DQS_Timer(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Keep track of time during ITI.

variable P_ITC_FIFOMonitorProc(WMBackgroundStruct *s)

Monitor the device FIFO and terminates acquisition when sufficient data has been collected.

variable TPM_BkrdTPFuncMD(BackgroundStruct *s)

Background TP Multi Device.

variable TPS_TestPulseFunc(BackgroundStruct *s)

Background TP Single Device.